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www.DoIt4Kids.com (A SSL SAFE SITE BUT DONATIONS ARE NOT MADE TO ME ON THIS SITE) A Machine Gun Preacher inspired project. This is not a story about me, but “kids and Sam Childers”, The Real Machine Gun Preacher behind the Hollywood Movie of the same name staring Gerard Butler. Left Sam Childers, the Real Machine Gun Preacher and me, Guy D. Cooper, June 20, 2015 I am sharing about myself simply so you can check things out and know this is not some kind of scam project. My name is Guy D. Cooper. Please Google it. I am a worldwide known author. I spent 2 years working with 21 inner city kids in clubhouse/classroom setting in the worst part of Denver, Colorado. Shootings, Meth Labs, Gangs and Child Abuse were very common and often disturbing, but I have a heart for kids. I continued my work with some of the kids as they became teenagers. I have 4 kids whom consider me their father and I have mentally adopted them. I did pay the fee and turn in my application for an FBI background check to Prodigal Ministry, but never saw paperwork from the kids ministry that approved me. My company Pro Star Sports, Inc. was certified as an D.O.T. explosives shipper through my V.P. Andrew Starrett, which included myself and he being interviewed for 2 hours by the F.B.I. I did not know they used retired F.B. I. agents for this particular work. Additionally, I have a commendation for participating in and supplying equipment for “in service police training’ in various Colorado cities. Most of this occurred under the direction of Dr. Nicolletti (well known police psychologist), Sergeant Glasman in Arvada, CO, and the Commerce Swat training which was strictly myself and the now Dr. Oppermann as the bad guys held up in abandoned housing area. Most of these scenarios were “shoot, no shoot” types of scenarios with descalation as the goal. However, some situations involved S.W.A.T. teams following up “no knock” warrant situations in real confiscated crack/meth houses in Arvada. To do this I had to be NCIC, CCIC and DCIC background checked because you can’t have a person with anything but a squeaky clean record training with police officers. Little known was my undercover work with Littleton, CO Police Department S.C.A.T. division headed up by Joe Trujillo and worked in conjunctions with Denver Anti-Fence. My father, Donald E. Cooper was the first to because a 20 year Reserve Wichita, KS. Police Captain and my mother, Janice L. Cooper a 16 year reserve desk sergeant. No funds go to me! I am only donating the first 5k and giving away to my friends and associates the actual movie starring Gerard Butler and the Sam Childers true documentary DVD. Please go to the website to see how to get copies of the movie and documentary for donating. Unless we help the kids everywhere we are at the mercy of evil. Sam Childers has 6 orphanages in Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. Toys and playgrounds are non-existent in most places. Soccer balls are rare but the orphanages have both, plus schooling. He is the only person with a license for running a security company authorized by the South Sudan government. No monies going to the ministry are spent on grenades or other weapons. The big thing for Sam is when they run out of food and have to turn children away. Sam gave up a million dollar Construction Company because of the horrors he saw in Africa. In fact, in one of his books his truck was repossessed and his home in Pennsylvania heading to foreclosure. His wife said they had $2000 and that would stop the foreclosure but Africa needed the 2 grand more. Both broke down crying and Sam left the room not able to see his wife crushed and crying. What love and faith they both had. The books will humble you more than the movies! Now Sam is teaching agriculture. People used to plant just here and there verses in rows. Now production of food is way up. He is building a vocational school. To my amazement he has his own church and office in Pennsylvania USA, a custom motorcycle shop and a restaurant in Kampala. All proceeds go to the ministries and he takes only a $65,000.00 salary. This man will blow you away with his honesty, fearlessness and how a virtual younger gangster type can be called to change the world as we know it. What really got me? The TRUTH IS that good people can change lives & fight unbelievable horror. A ruthless killer named Joseph Kony, head of the LRA, has tried to kill Sam, destroy his projects and since Kony’ his budget is limited he builds his army with 30.000 kidnapped children. Sudanese Army of the South (It is actually President Al Bashir of North Sudan that has the only war crimes warrant for his arrest. He also financed Bin Ladin and others) are hesitant to shoot kids so the kid soldiers have extra time to shoot. He will cut mother’s babies out, light the baby on fire, have the kids mom raped, and many times makes the kids kill their own mothers. Or he may simply threaten to kill the boys families unless they kill their moms, eat their cut off ears, lips, breasts and then he kills their fathers, sisters in tortous ways anyway. Many children have their ears, lips, limbs chopped off in order to get other children to become killers so they don’t suffer the fate they witness. YOU AND I HAVE TO HELP! WE SPEND 6 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR ON POTATOES CHIPS ALONE IN THE USA AND MONEY IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM IN WHAT I AS A K NOWN BUSINESS CONSULTANT HAVE FOUND TO BE A VERY EFFICIENT, NO NONSENSE CHARITY! This is what Sam Childers - MGP looks like while going through Malaria - taken on Friday night - Cold/hot/sweats/shakes/vomiting and drugged up on strong Anti-malarial medication - Sam's back in the city of Kampala recovering nicely now. (This is off the Facebook page so I think it is an August 2015 picture)